Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Medical Information [Adopt a Greyhound]: "TICK REMOVAL:
(Lynda Adame)
Smother the tick in Vaseline, and as it suffocates it will pull out of the dogs skin.
Heat a paperclip or tweezers and hold the heated end against the ticks body, which will cause the tick to pull out.
Most people prefer these methods to squeezing and pulling the tick off of the dog, as the squeezing of the tick can cause it to leak more of the lyme bacteria or any other bacteria into the dog. After the tick has pulled out of the dogs skin, flush the area with water, then sterilize the area with alcohol or Betadine, and apply a topical antibacterial like Bacitracin/Polysporin. At the first sign of infection (reddening or oozing ) contact your Vet."


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